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What are Vitamin Infusions?

Until fairly recently medicine has assumed that there is little we can do to slow the aging process. However new scientific data says otherwise. IV nutrition therapy is often overlooked by the typical practitioner. IV nutrition is an important and powerful tool for practitioners to have in their tool box. IV nutrition therapy is any therapy that enhances a patient’s health or well being. It includes the administration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and other essential micro nutrients by intravenous infusion. IV nutrition has the ability to ameliorate a number of disorders, especially in patients suffering from malabsorption symptoms. IV nutrition therapy bypasses the need for gastrointestinal absorption thereby markedly increasing nutrient bioavailability and therefore cellular uptake.

All living organisms require various essential elemental components to remain living. Every cell lives in a complex mixture of nutrient rich components that ensure their proper metabolism and optimal health. This chemical microenvironment surrounding each cell has the ability to influence cellular function. IV nutrition aims to influence the composition of this nutrient rich microenvironment in order to promote cellular health. As practitioners we know that cells have the ability to differentiate and aggregate to form complex organizational structures such as tissues, organs, organs systems and ultimately a living organism. Cells function in a symphony of coordinated effort to keep a living organism alive and healthy. This is why it is so vital that each of the 200 trillion cells in our body has the nutrients it needs to support optimal tissue, organ and organ system functioning. Modern IV nutrition therapies have potent proactive aspects that act at the cellular level to support and enhance a patient’s overall health.

As a biological organism, the human body is constantly repairing injury to itself from free radicals, chemicals assaults, radiation and pollutants. The natural process of aging decreases the efficacy of the body’s natural repair mechanisms. IV nutrition presents as a powerful tool capable of enhancing the body’s ability to repair and regenerate cellular and system injuries.

What Vitamin Infusions do we offer?

Hydration (Hangover Cure)

This Vitamin infusion is for the ones who partied a little hard over the weekend. Restore hydration, boost your energy, support your liver and replenish your immune system with this concoction of “B” Vitamins essential for your body.

Immunity Booster

This infusion is a great assistance if you have been sick or feeling like you’re getting a little unwell. Boost your energy, fight off that cold, protect your body from infection and disease and bounce back stronger than ever. Did you also know Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which also helps with fight free radicals and helps synthesize collagen in the skin?

Strong Myers Cocktail

The “Strong Myers Cocktail” is one of the more commonly known and used vitamin infusion bags. With a mixture of “B” Vitamins, magnesium, calcium, Zinc and folic acid it pretty much gives you the best and most essential vitamins and mineral in one hit.

Hair, Skin, Nails, and Vitality

Perfect for the energy, vitality, immunity, skin, antiaging, collagen synthesis, hair and nail growth and strength, can play a critical role in metabolism, thyroid function and help protect your body from damage caused by oxidative stress This bag is packed with the most powerful antioxidants and a complete mixture of Vitamins and minerals that are essential for the proper functioning of your body.

Athletes Recovery

This iv drip is designed for men and woman pre or post workout and as part of a workout regimen. it contains a range of amino acids including, arginine, glutamine and taurine. Taurine helps in the bodies metabolic processes, while arginine helps boost muscle growth and energy levels. Glutamine is an import amino acid that helps with many functions of the body.

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