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The Aging Journey And How Cheek Fillers Are A First Line Defence

When we are youthful our face is like an inverted triangle, with plenty of volume in our cheeks and a sharp chiselled jawline. As we age, we experience bony resorption of the skull. As a result, we lose some of the supporting structure of our face and our fat pads begin to sink downwards. Consequently, we end up with sagging skin, droopy jowls, and the majority of our facial volume sitting at the bottom of our face, leaving our facial shape resembling a true triangle.

It’s not all bad news though, fortunately with dermal fillers this youthfulness can be restored!

Cheek filler is the best place to start for those wanting to defy the effects of age and gravity. By starting with cheek filler, the illusion of the inverted youthful triangle can often be restored. Whilst cheek filler will not create the same effect as a face-lift in that it will not physically lift loose skin, the visual illusion and play on light it creates can be similar in many individuals.

Cheek filler also provides support to surrounding anatomical structures like the tear troughs (the hollow under eye) and the nasolabial fold (the often-heavy fold between the nose and the corner of the mouth). Using cheek filler first often results in less filler needing to be used when attempting to correct these areas. An in-person consultation is required to determine how much filler would be needed for each individual, but most people require at least 1ml per side. With the Belladonna 2ml package currently priced at $700 it is a very affordable treatment and one that can last upwards of one year.

For more information please book in for an in person consult with one of our experienced cosmetic nurses.