Bella Donna Injectables & Skin

Preparing For Injectables Do’s And Don’ts


  • Schedule in your appointment at a time where you can have sufficient recovery time if bruising does occur. Not all patients will bruise but its best to give yourself a week of down time just in case!
  • Have a list of questions ready. Our injectors will go through all procedures in detail with you each time, but if there is something specific you are itching to know make sure you write it down so you don’t forget.
  • Stop taking any blood thinning medications including fish oils, vitamin e, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as nurofen ONE WEEK prior.
  • Stop consuming any caffeine or alcohol for 24-48 hours prior.
  • Eat something prior to your appointment, particularly if you are feeling a little nervous about your appointment. Whilst our injectors will do their best to make your appointment a comfortable experience, sometimes all the excitement can cause your blood sugar levels to drop which can cause fainting or dizziness in rare instances.


  • Wear any make up. Makeup up must be removed prior to any treatment as it can cause bacterial infection and complications. Furthermore, the injector needs to see your natural face in order to accurately place product and design the correct treatment plan for you. It takes up the injectors time to remove makeup and may cause your appointment to run late which is not fair on other clients.
  • Have unrealistic expectations. Cosmetic injections should only ever subtly improve your appearance, not completely change your face.
  • Attend your appointment if you are feeling unwell. Injectables are contraindicated in anyone with a cold or flu. Acute illness can cause severe complications with fillers.
  • Feel self-conscious. You are a goddess, with or without injectables. Take a selfie, tag Bella-Donna and show off your beautiful soul and self!

4 Things To Consider Before Injectables

YOUR HEALTH: Injectables cannot be performed if you are unwell. Injectables are contraindicated in any acute illness (including cold or flu) and can cause severe immediate or delayed complications if performed while someone is unwell. It is also important to consider your mental health, are you getting injectables for the right reasons? Injectables are designed to enhance your existing natural beauty not recreate anyone else’s or a snapchat filter. Your expectations of results must be realistic and you must understand it can often take several appointments to achieve your desired result. You must also be ready for the down-time and “ugly” phase of the healing period. Love yourself through every age and every stage!

WHO’S BEHIND THE NEEDLE: At a minimum, ninety percent of your results are in the hands of your injector. Education, experience and aesthetic taste are all key when it comes to choosing the right injector for you. Be sure to ask your injector what cosmetic specific training and experience they have, and most importantly what they plan to do in an emergency. Your injector should be able to succinctly explain any emergency protocols and after cares and should not be ruffled or offended by this question.

THE PRODUCT USED: There are many different anti-wrinkle and filler products on the market, and much like target to Louis Vuitton, vary greatly in quality! Injectables are expensive to buy and have had to undergo various health and safety screenings and studies to be used in Australia. If a clinic or individual is offering considerably cheaper than market rate product it begs the question of whether this product has been through the same scrutiny and is approved for use in Australia. Even within the same brands product line, there are certain products that will suit your face and help to achieve your desired results better than others. Please trust our injectors when they recommend one product over another in our clinic.

YOUR BUDGET: Like most things in life, when it comes to injectable results, you get what you pay for and your face is not the time to skimp or budget. When it comes to injectables, you are better off waiting until you can afford the recommended treatment and dosages, rather than skimping and ending up needing to pay more in top ups or not achieving your desired results or attaining longevity of product.

For more information please book in for an in person consult with one of our experienced cosmetic nurses.